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Detail of a vintage wedding blanket showing a cluster of sequins on a cream and natural wool and cotton background
Detail of our vintage Moroccan wedding blanket Kenza

Traditionally, Moroccan wedding blankets, also known as handira or tamizart were hand-woven by Berber women, usually the mother of the bride and her female relatives in preparation for her wedding day. Each wedding blanket is unique and reflects the skill and creativity of the weaver.

Berber symbols of luck, prosperity, fertility and happiness in the woven wedding blanket
Symbols of good fortune for the bride visible on the reverse of Aya, one of our
Moroccan wedding blankets

The blankets are hand-woven from local wool and cotton, in a palette of cream, white and beige and decorated with fringing and metal sequins. They can take anything from a few weeks to months to complete. Many handira feature bands of kilim weaving, often concealed by fringing on the front but visible on the reverse of the blanket, with talismanic good luck symbols conveying the hopes of the brides’ family for her future prosperity, fertility and happiness. The metal sequins, sewn on in clusters, rows and geometric designs are said to protect the bride from the evil eye.

A Moroccan wedding blanket tied as a cape, which is how Berber brides wear them on their wedding day.
The bride wears her blanket as a cape on her wedding day.

On the bride’s wedding day, she wears her blanket tied like a cape over her head or shoulders on her journey to her husband’s home. After the wedding, the blanket is used to decorate the marital home, either as a bed or sofa cover or a wall hanging.

Moroccan wedding blanket used as a bed covering
Moroccan wedding blankets bring a touch of sparkle and glamour to a room

Moroccan wedding blankets have long been a popular choice with designers and stylists. The neutral colour palette and touch of sparkle adds texture, pattern, glamour and sparkle to a room. They work well on a bed, over the back of a sofa, as a wall hanging or covering a headboard. We think they make stylish, timeless wedding gifts too. Click here to view our current collection of vintage Moroccan wedding blankets.

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