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Houzz features our Beni Ourain rugs

Thanks to Amanda Polland from Houzz for featuring our Beni Ourain rug and wedding blanket cushions in a feature on the versatility of these monochrome rugs, 7 Times A Beni Ourain Made A Room.


We love these rugs and think they work well in contemporary and rustic settings. Traditionally they were hand-woven in the north east of Morocco.  They are pile rugs comprising thousands of knots.  Each knot is individually tied and cut by hand so it can take a couple of weeks to complete a metre.  Although the colours are generally natural and black the designs are are unique to the weaver.  We have a couple of Beni Ourain rugs in stock, you can view them here.





Photo: Dave Bullivant

How To Make Your Souvenirs Feel At Home

Thanks to Helen Winter for featuring our Moroccan wedding blanket, Berber cushions and Bonakele basket in a Houzz Ideabook on how to add a global touch to your home with travel souvenirs.