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Vintage Kantha Quilt Fazhuna


Indian Vintage Kantha Blanket

Unique Piece

This large Indian vintage kantha blanket features two very different designs. One side is a bold geometric pattern of forest green, lime green and rose and the other is a more delicate mix of brown, lilac, purple and yellow with floral borders and traditional Indian motifs. Both sides feature the tiny white kantha stitches and bolder stitching in navy and yellow adding texture to the blanket. Scroll over the images to see the design and stitching in more detail.

Originally from East Bengal and Bangladesh, kantha quilts are crafted from several layers of upcycled saris, which are sewn together with tiny running stitches known as kantha to create blankets. Some quilts combine several pieces from different saris and others have added embroidery. This particular quilt stands out for its striking designs and distinctive kantha stitching.

Each vintage kantha blanket is unique. They are perfect as lightweight quilts for a single bed or a decorative footer for a double or king size bed. This is a large kantha which could be used as a sofa cover, a quilt, or it could be used to cover a headboard or chest.. They work well as picnic blankets too.

Each vintage blanket is handcrafted and as such there may be irregularities in colour and stitching and some patches but we think this adds to their charm.

Material: 100% cotton

Size: width 180cm x length 236cm, (71″ x  93″)

Suitable for a single or double bed as a footer or throw.

Washing instructions: Machine wash at 30c using a mild detergent.

Only 1 left in stock