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Vintage Kantha Throw Ganika


Unique Piece


Add colour and charm to your home with this unique vintage kantha throw.  Ganika features two contrasting floral designs.  Delicate florals on a red background mixed with bolder florals in pink, orange and green on the front give a country cottage feel.   On the reverse there is a bolder floral mix in blue and yellow with a geometric pattern of florals in purples, blues and yellows.


Originally from East Bengal and Bangladesh kantha quilts are crafted from several layers of recycled sari fabric sewn together by hand with tiny running stitches, known as kantha, to create blankets. Some quilts combine several sari pieces and others have added embroidery. Ganika has two main fabric pieces on the front and two on the back and features embroidery patterns on the blue and yellow side.


Each vintage kantha quilt is unique. Ganika is perfect as lightweight quilt for a double or king size bed.  You could also drape it over a sofa to add pattern and texture.


This vintage quilt is handcrafted and there are irregularities in the hand stitching and a number of patches but we think this adds to its charm and creates a homely feel.


Material: 100% cotton

Size: width 157cm x length 236cm, (61.5″ x 93″).

Suitable for a double or king size as a three quarter length coverlet (see photos)

Washing instructions: Machine wash at 30c using a mild detergent.