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Hand Embroidered Cushion Cover

Unique piece

A beautiful, hand embroidered cushion cover (cushion on the right nearest the basket with pears), made from fragments of vintage indigenous embroidery from Upper Sind in Pakistan.  Scroll over the image to see the embroidery in more detail.

The traditional motifs featured in this patchwork of vintage embroidery have been handed down from mother to daughter over generations.  We love the eye-popping bright colours and the tiny pieces of shisha (mirrored glass) and think this unique piece will add colour interest and texture on a sofa or chair.

Please note that this cushion is made from vintage, hand embroidered, fabric so there may be patches and imperfections but we think this adds to its charm. The back of the cushion is beige French linen.

This cushion is sold without a cushion pad.


60cm x 60cm (24″ x 24″)


Dry clean only.

Only 1 left in stock