Copper Meditation Bowl


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Handcrafted Copper Meditation Bowl

A beautiful, copper meditation bowl handcrafted by Tambat coppersmiths in Pune, India.  Rollover the photo to see the tiny rows of indentations which create a reflective, mirror-like appearance.  Each indentation is created by a technique called ‘Matharkaam’.   It is a highly skilled craft , carried out with specially profiled beating hammers, which requires strength, dexterity and keen hand-eye coordination.  These bowls look wonderful partially filled with water with floating tea lights.  The light reflects against the copper and creates a warm coppery, glow.  A must for all you yogis.  They also work well as table centrepieces, just partially fill with water and add tea lights and or  flowers.  Please note these bowls are crafted from copper, they are not copper plated or copper coloured.


The Tambat people have been handcrafting copper ware since the seventeenth century.  They originally worked for the Peshwar rulers making armour, coins and cannons but with industrialisation they were forced to turn their attention to providing utensils and ceremonial objects for the public.    The community has been declining over the years as plastic and alternative metals have replaced the demand for copper goods and there are only about 80 – 100 households remaining.   This wonderful handmade bowl is part of an initiative by INTACH, an Indian NGO, to create a social enterprise, Coppre, and introduce contemporary designs, skills development and marketing support to the Tambat people.


By purchasing one of these fair trade, Coppre for Maud interiors, copper meditation bowls you are contributing to the revival of this craft.  Please note these bowls are handcrafted from copper they are not copper plated or copper coloured.


Dimensions: diameter 24cms, height 6cms. (d 9.5″ h 2.4″)

Find out the story behind these beautiful bowls here.


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Customer Review

I hadn’t seen copper for a long time and was instantly drawn with the quality of the bowl. I loved that Maud had actually been to see where it was handcrafted, and hammered. The bowl is so easy to care for, a soft cloth to clean – and keeps it’s polish. It adds warmth and depth wherever I decide to use it, even outside! The bowl is shallow with a good height on the sides. It gives off a magical glow when candles placed inside. It has been hammered by hand to create its dimples. Maud were very prompt with delivery time and professional in following up with my purchase. I love that Maud’s products are fair-trade and that they travel to meet the people who are crafting the products. Will use this company again for sure.

Laura, Strawberry Hill, London

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