Arush Vintage Embroidered Cushion Cover


Rabari cushion cover

Vintage Rabari Embroidery


Unique Piece


A striking Rabari cushion cover in a mix of yellow, sage, purple, rose, orange and crimson, which was originally part of a dowry sack (kothali).


The Rabaris are a semi nomadic community of shepherds, camel breeders and cattle herders living in Kutch in Gujurat.  The community is known for its distinctive, bold, colourful embroidery and mirrorwork in a variety of shapes.


The embroidery, which is in good condition, features traditional motifs, mirror work and embroidery techniques handed down from mother to daughter over generations.  Scroll over the image to see the design in more detail.


This Rabari cushion cover is backed in yellow cotton and is fastened with two buttons.  Please note that it contains tiny pieces of glass

Size: 44cm x 74cm, (17.7in x 30in)


You can read more about embroidery styles in Kutch here:




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