Bedroom Inspiration – Headboards

It’s that time of year when we retreat indoors and want to hibernate so what better time to make some changes to our interiors and create rooms we want to spend time in during the cold, dark, winter months.


There are lots of simple things you can do to change the look and feel of a room and today I’m looking at bedrooms and headboards and the space above the headboard.  As the bed is generally the main focal point in the bedroom changing the headboard and doing something with the space above it can make a big difference to a room.  Take a look at the bedrooms below and you will see how the designers featured have used this space to add visual impact to the room.


Fabric Covered Headboards

In the photograph below, Amber Lewis of Amber Interior Designs, has used what looks like kantha material to transform a grey headboard.  I like the way she has mixed up the textiles against the headboard to add colour, pattern and interest.  This is a simple way to introduce colour pattern and texture to a conventional fixed headboard.

Bedroom inspiration: headboards


In this bold, contemporary global bedroom in Puglia, belonging to fashion designer Liza Bruce, the headboard is covered in a contrasting patterned fabric to the coverlet and the warm purple wall so that it stands out.  The combination of the patterned headboard and the purple wall draw the eye upwards making the room appear larger than it is.  It’s a bold look but it works because of the limited colour palette based on the colours in the coverlet.

Bedroom inspiration: headboards


If jewel-like colours aren’t for you then take a look at this rustic bedroom with industrial accents in a subtle colour palette, which is actually part of French concept store, La Maison Pernoise.  In this room set they have used a black and white graphic print as a headboard and added a black and white portrait photograph above which draws the eyes in.  The headboard and artwork above it frame the bed.

Bedroom inspiration: headboards


Wall Hangings

You could do away with a headboard altogether and place a large framed textile above the bed, which is what Spanish interior designer Victoria Melian, has done in this Moroccan home below.  Again, this bedroom design works because the designer has kept the colour palette to just four colours, which are repeated in the wall hanging.  If this idea appeals then take a look at our vintage embroidered wall hangings here.



Artwork Above The Bed

Fashion designer, Marlene Birgir, has used framed paintings above the bed to create a focal point.  Again she has restricted her colour palette and stuck to monochrome prints which tie in with the overall theme.  For monochrome blankets and rugs have a look here and here.



Below, in this elegant bedroom, in Peacock Pavilions, in Marrakech, designer, Maryam Montague, has opted for a wooden headboard, which looks as if it has been salvaged from a printers and she has placed a 1920’s print above the bed, which again draws the eye upwards.  I love the mix of textiles in this room with its indigo bedspread, kilim cushion and rug and Rajasthani wall hanging over the window.



Wooden Doors

This Moroccan styled room is actually from a pop up restaurant and concept store, The Secret Souk, which was held in New York last year.   The ornate door frames the bed and blends in with the natural coloured textiles.   If you like the textiles in this bedroom have a look at our blankets and throws here.



Finally, another Secret Souk dining and store experience, currently taking place in Amsterdam, which has used what looks like a piece of architectural salvage, which could be wood or possibly tin as a headboard and then placed a hanging textile above.  Ignore the lanterns in the background and you can see how the headboard adds extra texture and works well with the textile above and the cushions and bedspread on the bed.  I love the mix of industrial, Moroccan lanterns and the indigo textiles in this room set styled and shot by Paula Arklin.




Eight very different designs, which one is your favourite?


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