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Travel-inspired, handcrafted, textiles and interior accessories.


Maud interiors collaborates with global artisans to create handcrafted interior accessories from natural materials.  Since Maud interiors was founded in 2013, we have travelled the globe sourcing handmade, interior accessories.  From the highlands of Mexico to the arid landscapes of Namibia to Tambat Alley in Pune, India, we have discovered traditional products with a contemporary twist.  Timeless pieces designed to add interest, individuality, colour and pattern to your home.


We have designed and developed our own range of natural, hand-spun and hand-woven wool and Egyptian cotton blankets.  The collection is designed in London and handcrafted by a small group of master weavers in Morocco on traditional two-man wooden looms using techniques handed down from father to son over generations. The entire process from cleaning the wool to spinning and weaving is completed by hand.  Find out more about how our blankets are made here.You can view our pure wool collection here and our Egyptian cotton collection here