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Moroccan Wedding Blankets

Berber wedding blanket sequins Maud interiors

Traditionally, Moroccan wedding blankets, also known as handira or tamizart were hand-woven by Berber women, usually the mother of the bride and her female relatives in preparation for her wedding day. Each wedding blanket is unique and reflects the skill and creativity of the weaver. The blankets are hand-woven from local wool and cotton, in […]

Why Choose Cotton Blankets?

cotton throws featuring burgundy stripes on a natural cotton background.

Five Reasons to Choose Cotton Blankets We have been designing blankets and working with a team of weavers in Morocco, who hand weave each blanket on traditional wooden looms, for the last eight years.  We only make hand-woven blankets in natural fibres: 100% cotton and wool.  Why? Because both fabrics are breathable, hypoallergenic, and biodegradable.  […]

Places to stay: Riad Le Pèlerin, Marrakech

Riad Le Pelerin Marrakech

Riad Le Pèlerin was my home-from-home on a whirlwind 4-night work trip to the region of Marrakech last month.  I chose this riad for its location, its traditional architecture, relaxed stylish interiors and its menu of Moroccan dishes with a twist. The riad is conveniently situated in the medina in an area called Dar El […]

Maud’s Travels Marrakech Part 2

Three things to do in Marrakech

Three Things To Do In Marrakech 1. Take a stroll in the Majorelle Gardens The Majorelle Gardens were created by the French painter, Jacques Majorelle, in 1923 and opened to the public in 1947. Majorelle was passionate about plants and collected rare species from all over the world on his travels. The gardens have been […]

Moroccan Recipes With A Contemporary Twist

If you have read some of my previous blog posts you will know that I love Moroccan food: the mouth-watering appetisers, the mix of spices in the tagines, the couscous, and the sweet, sticky, pastries. Despite purchasing local spices in the souks and asking for recipes when I am travelling I have struggled to recreate […]

A Traditional Riad With A Contemporary Twist

Riad design

The New Extension To Riad 72, Marrakech I wanted to write about the new addition to Riad 72 after my visit in September last year but I was sworn to secrecy as it was still a work in progress.  The new section, an ancient Riad adjacent to the existing Riad is now open for business […]

Ben Youssef Madrasa Marrakech

Ben Youssef Madrasa

The Ben Youssef Madrasa was the largest Islamic theological college in Morocco.  It was founded in the 14th century by the Marinid Sultan Abu al-Hassan and further developed by Sultan Abdallah al-Ghalib in the 16th century in order to rival the madrasas of Fez. It’s a wonderful example of Moorish architecture, with its carved Atlas […]

Le Jardin Secret Marrakech

Le Jardin Secret

Marrakech’s Secret Garden Tucked away behind 30 foot walls on Rue Mouassine in the medina is Le Jardin Secret, Marrakech’s Secret Garden.  It’s a place where you can escape the hustle and bustle of the medina and take refuge in the tranquil courtyard gardens of one of Marrakech’s largest and oldest riads. The Story Behind […]

Maud’s Travels – Marrakech Part 1

Mint tea Marrakech

  Marrakech is one of my favourite cities. I am drawn to its souks bursting with crafts, the creativity of the artisans, the architecture, the fragrant tagines and sweet, sticky, pastries and its welcoming people.  It’s only a short flight from the UK so it’s the perfect destination for a long weekend and paradise for […]

Riad Due Marrakech

painted chest riad due marrakech maud interiors

Riad Due a hip boutique hotel in the Marrakech Medina Riad Due is a boutique hotel tucked away in the Marrakech Medina.  It’s a typical Riad set around a courtyard with rooms facing inward but it has been elegantly restored and decorated by Italian owner Giovanna Cinel, who also owns Riad 72.  The Riad has […]