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Sweet Paul Magazine

Sweet Paul is a wonderful American magazine, packed full of mouth watering recipes and interesting features all creatively styled and photographed.  After reading it you just want to drop everything and start baking.  I was thrilled to discover amongst the Christmas recipes, styling tips, gift wrapping and gift ideas, that our copper handcrafted meditation bowl had been featured.  Thanks guys!.






Mad About The House features our Copper Tea Light Seed Pods

Thanks to Kate Watson-Smyth of Mad About The House for the lovely piece below on our Copper Seed Pod Tea Light Holders which have made it onto her Objects of Design list.

Objects of Design #226: Copper Tea Light Seed Pods

copper tea light holders from maud interiors

copper tea light holders from maud interiors

I don’t often go mad for a tealight holder but these really caught my eye. Maybe it’s because I spent a large chunk of yesterday afternoon tramping through the autumn leaves in the pouring rain. Maybe it’s because there’s a distinct chill in the air now. Maybe it’s because I have written so much about Danish Hygge recently that I have turned into a candle lover.

the copper seed pods come in three sizies

the copper seed pods come in two sizes

No I’m not choking on my biscuit. Hygge is a Danish word that doesn’t really have a direct translation into English but is about cosiness and comfort and welcomeness (as it were). It’s an ambience that every Danish home strives for and part of achieving it is about lighting a candle. Every day. My Danish friend Britta Gertsen who runs a PR company has told me that she lights a candle every single day no matter what the weather.

I have always been slightly afraid of candles. Instead of seeing a reassuring glow and a warm flickering light I tend to see FIRE and MAYHEM. But, given my current love of copper and the rather dreary weather that started yesterday and may well continue for the next six months, I feel suddenly more inclined to try and create my own personal hygge and if that means lighting a candle in one of these then people, I’m ready.

They’re from Maud Interiors and are made from handbeaten, organic Fair Trade copper and produced by  INTACH, an NGO (non governmental organisation), working in collaboration with the copper artisans of  Maharastra to revive and preserve the ancient craft.

Here’s a trinket box that’s also part of the collection:

trinket box from maud interiors

trinket box from maud interiors

Anyone for hygge?

Dimensions: Large length 20cm x width 9cm, small length 17cm x width 7cm

Price: £28 and £24

To see all the Objects of Desire featured on Kate’s website, Mad About The House, click here.


Maud interiors hand embroidered cushions in Making magazine’s Lust List

It’s 24/7 here at Maud HQ as we prepare for design junction,, which starts on Wednesday next week but we just wanted to say thanks to the team at Making magazine, for featuring Falguni, one of our vintage, hand embroidered, cushions in this month’s “Lust List”.  Thanks guys!



Maid in Africa, Quirky, African Cushions

There’s a story behind all of the products featured in our launch collection and today I thought I would write about our fabulous, funky, hand printed and hand painted African cushions from Maid in Africa, which I discovered and fell in love with whilst on a wonderful road trip through Nambia seven years ago.

The design duo behind the range, Micha and Andrew Weir,  were inspired to create Maid in Africa in 2006 to generate extra work for Priscilla, a young mother who had been diagnosed HIV positive and had lost her housekeeping job.  As she became weaker she wanted to be productive and so combining their creative knowledge with their ability to screen print, Maid in Africa was born. Sadly Priscilla has since passed away but the company continues to employ out of work domestic workers.

Like all the products in the Maud interiors collection, the Maid in Africa cushions are handmade.  Each cushion, detailing exotic flora and fauna from southern African life and well known brands, like Get Rich and Lucky Strike, is hand printed in black onto white cotton and then individually hand painted so no two cushions are alike.   The cushions are backed with a mix of traditional African prints and come with a plump duck feather inner pad.

There are three different styles in the collection:





In Africa there is a saying “What you cannot carry on your head you can most probably live without.”







MIMALG 45x45 (Duplicate)




Recently featured in Lancashire Life magazine:

Thanks guys!








Mermaid – our competition prize this month

We are giving away one of these fabulous Mermaid designs in dark blue.

See our Facebook page, for details on how you can enter but hurry as the competition ends on 2nd September 2013.







Our one-of-a-kind, African cushions, from Maid in Africa, are ideal for injecting some colour into a room or  sprucing up a tired sofa or chair.  Use them individually to create a focal point  or  mix and match them to create an eye-popping riot of colours and imagery.