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Headgear Yellow African Cushions


Colourful African Cushion

Brighten up your room with a vibrant African cushion.  This African cushion is inspired by the wise African saying “What you cannot carry on your head you can most probably live without.”

Each cushion is hand screened and then hand painted so the background is yellow but the images will be painted in different colours to create a unique one of a kind final design.

There is a story behind all of the handcrafted products in our collection and our African cushions are no exception.  I came across these cushions whilst on a road trip around Namibia.  The design duo behind the range, Micha and Andrew Weir, were inspired to create Maid in Africa to generate extra work for a young mother, Priscilla, who had been diagnosed HIV positive and had lost her housekeeping job.  As she became weaker she wanted to be productive and so combining their creative knowledge with their ability to screen print, Maid in Africa was born. Sadly Priscilla has since passed away but the company continues to employ out of work domestic workers to individually hand paint the cushions once they have been hand screened.  This means that each piece is unique.


60cm x 60cm (24″ x 24″)


Hand wash separately in cold water using a mild liquid detergent.

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