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Kuba Cloth Cushions


We love the mix of symbols in black and tan and delicate florals in white and orange hand embroidered on these Kuba cloth cushions from raffia palm.  These cushions will add texture and interest to a modern interior.

Kuba cloth is the traditional raffia palm fabric of the Kuba people of central Africa, now the Democratic Republic of Congo.  The Kuba people are known for their artistry and striking geometric designs and have been weaving with raffia palm since the 17th century.

How Kuba Cloth Is Produced

Men and women divide the work of transforming the raffia palm leaves into fabric.  The women are responsible for planting the raffia palms and the men collect the leaves and strip them to reveal the inner layers. Sometimes the men dye the inner layers of the raffia palm with natural dyes prior to weaving, they then soften the leaves by rubbing the strands together. The men hand weave the fibres on traditional heddle looms creating panels of about one metre square. The women take care of the finished cloth, sewing the panels together to make ceremonial skirts and decorating the fabric with appliqué, embroidery or creating a velvet-like cut-pile texture.

Our striking vintage Kuba cloth cushions are made from  a patchwork of natural raffia, which is golden in colour, and dyed raffia in a blackish grey colour. The cushions are backed in French linen in slate and are available with or without a bespoke feather inner pad.

Please note that these cushions are made from vintage, hand-woven raffia palm and hand embroidery so there may be patches and imperfections but we think this adds to their charm. The earthy colours and mix of symbols and florals will work well in a contemporary or modern rustic home.  There are five cushions from this hand-woven Kuba cloth and each one is unique.

Take a look at our graphic vintage Kuba cloth cushions here.

Size: 70cm x 30cm (27.55″ x 11.81″)

Material: raffia palm

Care:  Spot clean only.


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