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Copper Meditation Bowl


Handcrafted Light Reflecting Copper Bowl

A beautiful, copper meditation bowl, featuring tiny, hammered indentations inside and out which radiate and reflect the light. Partially fill the bowl with water, add tea lights and watch the light bounce off the copper surface reflecting a warm amber glow.  A must for yogis. or as a table centrepiece with tea lights or floating flower heads.

Handcrafted by Tambat coppersmiths in Pune, India

These handmade bowls are created by Tambat coppersmiths in Pune, India.  The Tambat people have been handcrafting copperware since the seventeenth century. It’s a highly skilled craft, carried out with specially profiled beating hammers, which requires strength, dexterity, and keen hand-eye coordination.  Learn more about the making of these eye-catching bowls.

This wonderful handmade copper meditation bowl is part of an initiative by INTACH, an Indian NGO, and social enterprise, Coppre, to introduce contemporary designs, skills development, and marketing support to the Tambat people.



  • Copper with a lacquer coating


  • Diameter 24cms x height 6cms, 9.44″ x 2.36″


  • Wipe with a damp cloth

Country of origin

  • India


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