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Copper platter



This stunning copper platter is the latest piece in our copper collection.  Each piece is handcrafted from copper (it is not copper coloured or copper coated) by coppersmiths using techniques handed down from father to son over generations.

The Tambat people in India have been handcrafting copper ware since the seventeenth century. They originally worked for the Peshwar rulers making armour, coins and cannons but with industrialisation they were forced to turn their attention to providing utensils and ceremonial objects for the public. The community has been declining over the years as plastic and alternative metals have replaced the demand for copper goods and there are only about 80 – 100 households remaining.

This wonderful copper platter is part of an initiative by INTACH, an Indian NGO, to introduce contemporary designs, skills development and marketing support to the Tambat people.  By purchasing one of these fair trade, Coppre for Maud interiors, copper platters you are contributing to the revival of this craft.   These copper platters radiate a warm blushing glow and look good as decorative pieces or as fruit bowls.  They come in a presentation box and make great gifts.

Size: width 30cm, height 4cm, (w 12″ h 1.5″)


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