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hand-woven blankets

Our Egyptian cotton and cosy, hand-spun, wool blankets are designed in London and hand-woven by master weavers in the province of Al Harouz, Morocco.  The entire process from spinning the wool to setting up the loom and weaving the blankets is done by hand.

Traditional Stripes With A Contemporary Twist

The blanket designs are based on the traditional striped blankets, known as Mendil, seen in local dress, shawls and skirts, in the Rif valley in the North of Morocco.  We’ve given the stripes a contemporary twist, introducing new patterns in a range of versatile colours and using un-dyed natural wool and Egyptian cotton as the background for the stripes.

Weaving The Blankets

The looms used to weave our hand-woven blankets are traditional, wooden looms and the techniques used have been handed down from father to son over generations.  The width of the looms are 240cm (the width of the blankets) so two-men work together on one blanket.  The weaving requires skill, dexterity, concentration and great teamwork.  The weavers need to synchronize with each other and maintain the same pace.

We have been working with the same group of weavers for the past five years and our blankets can be seen in leading boutique hotels, holiday properties and chalets in the UK and overseas.   

You can view our collection of medium weight Egyptian cotton blankets here and our cosy, hand-spun wool blanket collection here.  Learn more about the benefits of wool here.

moroccan blankets

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