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Maud interiors blanket size guide

Will It Fit My Bed?

We often get asked about the size of our hand-woven blankets and how they fit on different sized beds so we have created this blanket size guide infographic to give you a rough idea of our blanket sizing.  Our standard size blanket is 240cm in width and 300cm in length (7’87” x 9’84”).  As you can see from the infographic, this is a generous double and a good size for a king.  The blankets will sit snugly on a super king size bed with less overhang but you can turn the blanket so that the stripes are vertical rather than horizontal and you will have a generous overhang (if you have ordered a blanket with pom poms the pom poms will be on the side rather than at the head and foot of the bed).

We have taken standard UK bed and mattress sizes as a guide but manufacturers don’t always stick to standard sizing so we recommend you measure your bed and if you aren’t sure then get in touch via our online chat or email us on with your bed dimensions and we will be happy to help.

Bespoke Blanket Sizes

We regularly weave bespoke size Egyptian cotton and wool blankets for interior designers and hotels, for example blankets for single beds and enormous super king plus plus sized beds, so if you are looking for a particular size please email: with the dimensions you are looking for and we will let you know if we can help.

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