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Tamegroute Bowl With Scalloped Rim


A stylish Tamegroute bowl with scalloped rim in a mixture of golden tones ranging from raw sienna, amber and mustard, to tan and bronze with touches of bottle green around the rim and sides.  These colours are characteristic of the traditional glaze created by a cooperative of potters in Tamegroute, in southern Morocco.

Each piece of Tamegroute pottery is unique.  The pottery is handmade using techniques handed down from family to family over generations.  It’s known for its distinctive, green glaze, created with clay from the river Draa, manganese, silicon, cobalt, copper, barley and a secret ingredient.  It’s the combination of the glaze and the firing process which creates the myriad of different colours in each piece. No two pieces are alike and and the ceramics are often described as perfectly imperfect so expect changes in the glaze, surface texture and shape.

This decorative Tamegroute with scalloped rim is perfect for fruit, salad or as a serving bowl.  It would make a unique gift.

Size: Height 14cm, diameter 25cm at the rim, 13cm at the base of the bowl.

Hand wash only.


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