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Cotton Blankets Versus Wool Blankets.  Which Fabric Is Best?

We have been hand-weaving blankets for over eight years and one of the questions we are frequently asked is: Which fabric, cotton or wool makes a better blanket?  We have put together a comparison of cotton blankets versus wool blankets below to help you decide which fabric is right for you:

Natural breathable fibreNatural breathable fibre
100% biodegradable100% biodegradable
Machine washable at 30cMachine washable at 30c
Year-round usageYear-round usage
Requires more frequent washingIs anti-static so doesn’t attract dirt and dust. The overlapping fibres, like overlapping scales, prevent dirt from penetrating the wool. Dirt stays on the top and can be shaken off or lightly vacuumed.
Requires more ironingWrinkle resistant
Absorbs moistureWicks moisture away from the body
Fibres less robustFibres more durable
Plant fibreAnimal fibre
Not fire retardantFire retardant
Breathable but not odour resistantOdour resistant

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