Maud interiors Blanket Size Guide

Maud interiors blanket size guide

Will It Fit My Bed? We often get asked about the size of our hand-woven blankets and how they fit on different sized beds so we have created this blanket size guide infographic to give you a rough idea of our blanket sizing.  Our standard size blanket is 240cm in width and 300cm in length […]

The Making Of Maud interiors Hand-woven Blankets

hand-woven blankets

Our Egyptian cotton and cosy, hand-spun, wool blankets are designed in London and hand-woven by master weavers in the province of Al Harouz, Morocco.  The entire process from spinning the wool to setting up the loom and weaving the blankets is done by hand. Traditional Stripes With A Contemporary Twist The blanket designs are based […]

How To Care For Wool Blankets

caring for your wool blankets

  Caring for wool blankets is easier than people think.  Wool doesn’t need to be washed often because it’s anti-static so it picks up less dirt and dust from the air than other fabrics.  Its surface consists of microscopic fibres, like overlapping scales, so any dirt it does pick up will sit on the top […]

Maud’s Travels Marrakech Part 2

Three things to do in Marrakech

Three Things To Do In Marrakech 1. Take a stroll in the Majorelle Gardens The Majorelle Gardens were created by the French painter, Jacques Majorelle, in 1923 and opened to the public in 1947. Majorelle was passionate about plants and collected rare species from all over the world on his travels. The gardens have been […]

Why Wool? Five Facts About Wool


Why Choose Wool? Wool is hypoallergenic, antibacterial and resistant to dust mites. It’s 100% biodegradable.  At the end of its life it can be returned to the soil where it will break down in a short period of time fertilising plants with nitrogen as it decomposes. 3. It’s anti-static.  It generates very little static electricity […]

Moroccan Wedding Blankets

Moroccan wedding throw

Vintage Moroccan wedding blankets, also known as handira or tamizart, have been popular with interior designers and stylists for some time.  The neutral colour palette of the blankets makes them an extremely versatile addition to a bedroom or sitting room.  They add elegance, texture, pattern, glamour and sparkle and can be used in a variety […]

Josef Frank Exhibition: Patterns Furniture Painting

josef frank exhibition

Josef Frank, architect, designer and artist (1885-1967) The Fashion and Textile museum in London is currently holding the first UK exhibition of the work of Josef Frank (1885 – 1967), who is considered to be one of Sweden’s most influential designers.  Bold, vibrant, botanical prints characterise the work of the architect, designer and artist and […]

How To Create A Cosy Home This Christmas

merino wool blanket

Tips On Creating A Cosy Home I’m typing this post wrapped in one of our cosy waffle throws to block out the blast of cold air coming through ancient wooden French doors and cursing myself for not ordering replacement wooden doors and windows earlier in the year. As a sun-loving Leo I struggle with the […]

Monochrome Interior Inspiration

Vintage Moroccan throw

Monochrome Interiors And How To Create Them   Scandi or monochrome interiors can be difficult to pull off as they can look stark, cold and clinical.  Two Scandinavian designers who nail this look are Danish fashion, interior designer and artist, Marlene Birger and Swedish stylist, make-up artist and founder of boutique, Miloii, Karolina Vertus.  You […]

Maud’s Travels – Marrakech Part 1

Mint tea Marrakech

 Marrakech Part 1 – Day 1 The Souks Marrakech is one of my favourite cities. I am drawn to its souks bursting with crafts, the creativity of the artisans, the architecture, the fragrant tagines and sweet, sticky, pastries and its welcoming people.  It’s only a short flight from the UK so it’s the perfect destination […]